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Bedtime Bulb

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Sleep better by bringing Bedtime Bulb into your night time environment.  

Engineered to provide warm and comfortable night time light, the Bedtime Bulb uses spectrally optimised LessBlue™ Technology to eliminate sleep-disturbing blue and green light at night.

Waking up well-rested starts with a healthy evening routine.  Bedtime Bulb promotes a calming and relaxing evening light, setting the tone for a great night's sleep.

Technical Specs

- E27 Base (Screw Cap) Only
450 Lumens
- 6W
- 220-240V @ 50Hz
- Ra95
- Flicker less than 10% @ 100Hz
- Dimmable
- IP20
- Rated life time 25,000 Hours
- 5 Year Warranty