We are a purpose driven team who believe that everyone should have access to Nutritional Light™.  Like many Kiwi's who have grown up in the small island nation of New Zealand we share uniquely intimate connection to the outdoors.  It is this relationship with nature that inspires us.  OSIN has collaborated with leading technologists and scientists to bring the benefit of the outdoors into the built environment.  We are here to bring the outside, in.
Our story

After successfully running a lighting business for over fifteen years, entrepreneur and father of two, Ralph Booth, began exploring the connection between light and human biology. He was driven by a desire to understand the effects of an indoor lifestyle on our body-clock and to develop a solution to harness the power of light to help people live healthier lives. Read more

The Team
Left to Right  -  Harry Booth (Content Creator),  Dr Nina Li (Chronobiologist),  Ralph Booth (Founder),  Serge Janjic (CEO)


01 Purpose Driven
Access to Nutritional Light™ is at the core of everything we do

02 Grounded in Science
Change requires trust, and trust is built on credibility, competence and honesty

03 Innovative
New thinking, for new solutions, to solve new problems

04 Inspired by New Zealand
We aim to bring harmony between nature and the built environment