What light is best for night time?

Did you know that the lights you use at night affect the quality of your sleep? Research shows that the best type of light for night-time is warmer light like Bedtime Bulb, because it contains less blue and green wavelengths of light.


Why is warmer light better at night?

Our eyes contain intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGC’s), which are specially adapted to detect the blue light in sunlight. In turn, the ipRGC’s send a signal to our brain, to synchronise our circadian rhythm with the earth’s day/night cycle. However, exposure to blue light at night, via traditional light sources and screen-based devices, sends a signal to the brain that the sun hasn’t set, causing the body clock to shift later, making it difficult to fall asleep. By contrast, warmer light has less blue and green wavelengths of light, reducing their stimulating effect.


Where can I buy lights for night-time?

Engineered to provide warm and comfortable night-time light, the OSIN for Home range uses spectrally optimised LessBlue™ Technology to eliminate sleep-disturbing blue and green light at night. The range is now available in New Zealand from the OSIN Shop.


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